Bronze Architectural Letters

Solid Permanent Bronze Letters For Property Name Signs

Flat Cut Bronze Lettering

Bronze lettering. Available in either polished, brushed finish  or patina bronze, 3mm or 6mm thick. Clear polyurethane protective coated on brushed and polished finish. Rod fixings, paper template. Popular fonts, Helvetica and Times Roman. Other fonts are available.

Example below indicates a brushed bronze finish with horizontal grain.

Brushed Bronze Lettering

Colour of bronze indicated by close up image. The images of the letters appear different due to the lighting conditions at the time, relative appearance of the colour is determined by the environment they are located in and what they are reflecting.

Polished bronze letters, 6mm thick,100mm high, 50mm rod fixings.
Polished Bronze Lettering
Brushed Bronze Lettering
Patina bronze roman numerals, 3" high, 3mm thick.
Patina bronze roman numerals, 3″ high, 3mm thick.

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